Sink or Swim – 6 Secrets of Seaside Style

By Rebecca Hilbert


Original content from The Home

Around 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coast, so it’s no surprise that seaside style has special place in our hearts. It’s an aesthetic that resonates on so many levels; it salutes our natural environment, reflects some of our favourite pastimes, and of course, it’s associated with laid-back living. Keen to test the water? Get your home looking ship-shape in no time with the six secrets to successful seaside styling.

Secret 1. A little goes a long way
Try not to clutter your shelves with too many trinkets. While perfectly fine for a souvenir store, the coastal interior succeeds on the adage ‘less is more’. The arrangement pictured above nods to the seaside through a careful selection of small accents that will subtly season existing décor and give you that effortless look we all strive for. Try this out with your artwork too; let the colours in an abstract piece reference the seascape rather than being too literal with subject matter.

Secret 2. Things that start with “W”
Wood, white, wicker and, most importantly, anything weathered! With white at the helm, incorporate textures like hessian, jute, timber and cane. Steer clear of overly saturated and artificial colours except in small doses. From the searing sun to the salty breeze, seaside style couldn’t exist without input from the forces of nature, so allowing organic elements and natural colours to shape the look is key.

Secret 3. Walk down memory lane
Perhaps it’s because of all those happy snaps of family holidays spent by the sea, but photo frames are completely at home in a beachy abode. Group framed pictures on consoles and shelves, or go for a gallery wall. Try to add one consistent element, whether it’s all-white frames or monochrome prints. Break up photographs with simple illustrations or a weathered sign for a whimsical change of pace.

Secret 4. Style beyond summer
While your enthusiasm for twilight swims might dwindle, the coast doesn’t magically disappear in winter, and nor should your seaside style! The best seaside homes allow the style to translate all year round; just add a few extra throws, cushions, candles and lanterns to enjoy its relaxed, cosy embrace through the chilly months too. Try soft furnishings in on-trend indigo dyes for extra style points.

Secret 5. Easy living
There’s nothing precious about seaside style; it’s supposed to make you feel at ease and your material choices need to follow suit. Go for family-friendly fabrics and materials that age well such as pure linen and sturdy cotton, as well as natural fibre flatweaves on the floor. Avoid anything fussy, formal or that demands great care and attention; this is all about kicking it into lazy holiday mode!

Secret 6. Tasteful touches
Motifs like anchors, oars and yachts all have a special place in any seaside interior, just don’t go overboard unless you want it to look more kitsch than chic. When arranged tastefully and in moderation, these unmistakable coastal motifs are essential to making your seaside look soar. Tie the look together with more discreet elements such as a lantern, stripe cushion and a porthole mirror.

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